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Kitty Hillier
22nd - 24th September 2018

An exhibition showing prints, paintings and ceramics.

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Introduction To The Craft Of Writing
with Elementum

13th - 14th October 2018

Learn about the essential skills needed to craft a story, be it for fiction, non-fiction or business writing. This two day workshop will include how to develop character, why genre is worth thinking about and how to handle narrative viewpoint. You’ll also be looking at examples of technique, discussing different approaches to writing, and experimenting with your own work. 

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Keep Writing And Finish What You Start
with Elementum

24th - 25th November 2018

Over this two day course, author Wyl Menmuir will introduce you to a variety of techniques and good practices that will give you the tools to develop not only a better mindset but improve your current writing. You’ll also complete various writing exercises with Wyl available to review your work and help you learn the important skill of self-appraisal.


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Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject
— Thomas Mann